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If you decide to use our services than the International Patient Coordinator guarantees the following plan

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Egg Donation

If you decide to use our services than the International Patient Coordinator guarantees the following plan...

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Our Advantages We offer unique services that will make the whole process of reaching the happiness of parenthood as enjoyable as possible. Our advantages are:


The possibility to choose the donor by the photo and getting the basic characteristics.

Free consultation

Free consultation with the International Patient Coordinator


No hidden payments

Partial payment

No need to pay the whole amount of money at once. The payment is divided into several rates.

Correct solution

Well screened donors and surrogate mothers have carefully considered their decision to be a part of the program.

100% result

Unlimited number of attempts without losing money!

Help with any questions

Assistance with financial arrangements.


The fertility specialists of the highest qualifications. Each specialist has 15 and more years of experience.

Business knowledge

Registered nurses on staff, enabling to effectively identify excellent candidate for donation and surrogacy programs.

All legally

Full legal support without any additional payments.


Success rate is about 70%.

Transportation services

Transportation arrangements, including airport pick-up, transportation to/from the clinic/ hospital/ civil department/ embassy.

Quality of the material

We work only with fresh biological material. That is why the chances to succeed are higher.

An experience

More than 20 years of experience in the sphere of reproductive medicine.

Large database

More than 300 donors– and growing!

Psychological health

Donors are informed of the confidential nature of the arrangements with the recipients.

What we do?

Our International Coordinators are comprehensive-service assistants knowledgeable in all aspects of fertility treatment and background medical information. This helps overseas patients seeking a consultation before embarking on their personal journey to become parents. 

We fully understand the stress and sadness associated with fertility problems, particularly when the treatment is received outside of the home country. By having a free, no commitment consultation with a coordinator before deciding to proceed you have the opportunity to discuss your hopes, fears and practicalities involved and our reputation in this field has been termed as “warm, caring, and professional”. We meet the needs of all our clients.

We help you, your surrogate mother, egg donor or sperm donor to enjoy the process from beginning to end as well. Our surrogate mothers are carefully chosen and are are fully compensated for their time. We care about our surrogate mothers and intended parents and that is why we have a panel of dedicated and experienced surrogate mothers who work with our clinic over and over again.

We strive in every way to make the whole process for all involved as stress free, informed and safe as possible. And we are committed to offering you the most transparent informed journey to parenthood possible.

Family history

Our international patient coordinator Jo wants to share her life story with prospective parents:

“I waited for many years to meet the right person to marry and have children with. In the meantime I travelled and went to university and worked. When I did get married my husband could not have children then he died. I realized that having children on my own was the best option as time was running out. I did not know who to talk to or who the father would be. In the end I panicked and having read many articles about women using sperm banks I decided that was the only way for me. I had been offered IVF a long time ago on our national health service but the donor would have been totally anonymous and I wanted to choose the donor like I would choose a husband in ideal circumstances. So, I spent about 2 years going through profiles of a lot of donors. I finally choose the one I did and am delighted with the result.

When I was going through all the profiles I felt very alone and sad that I had to make all the decisions on my own. When I was going through the IVF treatments, the ups and downs and disappointments, I nearly gave up but I felt my life was over. There was no one to talk to, no one who I could share the anguish with. I was at the mercy of the doctors who seemed to be playing God. Then my luck changed I found an excellent clinic and a wonderful doctor and it is because of that I have my twins.

I have an experience in India. I was the international patient coordinator at a well-known clinic in Delhi. At that time I was not pregnant and did not have the twins. I did my best to support all the couples and protect them as best I could. I also dealt with any calls from outside India so the clients were from Dubai, Indian expats in the UK, USA, Spain, UK, Israel and Russia (and more but I can't remember). Very often, the clients had never been to a doctor and assumed they would not have fertility problems till they found they could not get pregnant.

I have helped people because I believe passionately every human being has the right to a family and that in modern society it has become harder to start a family because of economic pressures and also government policies, lack of adequate childcare. There is also frequent breakdown of marriage and lack of family support. But I believe the only way I would ever feel fulfilled was by having children of my own. I am very happy with my decision and I have encouraged many single women not to wait for "Mr. Right" when it may be too late but to have a baby when they are ready.

I would like more children. My twins are getting older and I feel my Irish roots pushing me to have a solid family, all the siblings will be brought up to look after each other. That is why for the moment I am in the treatment process in Ukraine. I believe they will help me to make my dream come true. I only have to be patient.”

I am collaborating with an established clinic in Kiev. I have chosen to collaborate because this clinic has the highest ethical standards and professionalism possible. The doctors have the highest experiences and are trustworthy beyond compare. I am delighted to be able to advise and offer you all the help you will need.

We can have face-to-face meetings in London should you wish and in certain circumstances I can be available as a chaperone for support.”



To get a consultation We offer you the advice and support you need to help you fulfill your dream of having your own baby to hold in our arms.

There is no absolute infertility!

We offer you the advice and support you need to help you fulfill your dream of having your own baby to hold in our arms.

Let our professional representative guide you and help you during the entire process from your initial enquiry till the birth of your child.

Our representatives have been chosen for their experience and knowledge of the fertility services and because they themselves have been through treatment that enabled them become happy parents.

We can offer you a chaperone service in certain situations if you require this.

Because travelling to another country may be the only way to becoming parents our treatment and surrogacy all inclusive packages include airport-to-door collection, comfortable accommodation and all meals for the duration of your stay. It also includes the cost of all medication required by you (or egg or sperm donor) as well as all medication and on-going medical tests for the surrogate mother. There are no hidden costs.

For your peace-of-mind your fees are held in an escrow account till we fulfill our side of the contract. This gives you the added protection of your money being safe until our side of the agreement is fulfilled. 

FAQ Here you can find the answers to the common questions.

  • How much does the initial consultation cost?

    Our consultations are free. 

  • What are the differences between the Gestational and Traditional surrogacy?

    In a gestational surrogacy arrangement, Intended Parents create embryos through in vitro fertilization, using their own genetic material or eggs from the donor. The embryos are transferred into the womb of the gestational surrogate mother.

    By contrast, a traditional surrogate is fertilized by artificial insemination. It means that she will have genetic relations with the future child.

    We use only gestational surrogacy.

  • What do I need to start the surrogacy program?

    You must be officially married heterosexual couple. The woman must have a medical indication from the doctor that she is not able to carry a child.

  • I am a single woman and want to try egg donation. Is it possible?

    Yes, you can try egg donation being a single woman. You even have a possibility of embryo donation.

  • Do you have any age limits for surrogacy and egg donation?

    No, we do not have any age limits.

  • How many embryos are usually transferred?

    According to the Ukrainian legislation maximum embryos can be transferred at once.

  • Do you use fresh or frozen eggs?

    We use only fresh eggs. 1 donor is for one couple i.e. unlike other clinics we do not do egg sharing and in this way we do not have to risk the health of our egg donor or the eggs she produces by overstimulation.

  • Is it possible to meet the surrogate mother?

    Yes, you may meet her during the ultrasound check at 12 weeks of pregnancy when the safe period is achieved. 

  • Will it be possible to meet the egg/ sperm donor?

    No, according to the Ukrainian legislation the donation is anonymous.

  • If the first surrogacy attempt fails, do we have to pay additionally for the next attempt?

    No, you will have a new attempt without any additional payments.

  • Do the donors and surrogate mothers have their own children?

    Yes, according to the Ukrainian legislation they must have at least one child of their own.

  • Who will be indicated as parents in the birth certificate?

    The couple will be the legal parents in the birth certificate.

  • What is your success rate?

    70% are successful from the first attempt. We have exceptional success in first attempts as our medical team has continual education and vast experience in the field of fertility treatment.

  • How many attempts for the surrogacy do I have?

    You have unlimited number of attempts.

  • If we already have a surrogate mother can we still use your services?

    Yes, it will be considered as an egg donation program in this case.

  • How should I send my medical documents?

    You can send scanned copies of all your medical documents.

  • Are interpreter services included in the packages?

    Yes, the interpreter services are included.

  • Will I be met at the airport?

    Yes, of course. Just provide us with the flight details. 

  • Will I get accommodation for the period I need to be there?

    Yes, of course. You will get comfortable accommodation and food supply.


Here you will be able to follow all the future events we will have. In the nearest future we are planning to organize an information day in London dedicated to the infertility treatment in Ukraine. You will be able to get all the information you need. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to meet with the representative of the clinic. Please leave your email address and we will send you the invitation letter for the upcoming meeting.


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