Should you decide to use our services than the International Coordinator for Fertility and Surrogacy Services guarantees the following plan:

1. Free consultation with full information and no commitment.
2. Initial consultation in the clinic:
  • Organizing the logistics, accommodation and food supply
  • Examination in the clinic
  • Signing the contracts (this protects you and your money and obliges us to carry out our agreement)
  • Getting medicines you need
  • Making the first payment
3. The program starts
4. Getting all the information in time:
  • The time to start the medication
  • Synchronization of the client`s and donor`s cycles
  • The time for the ultrasound check
  • The dates for the fertilization and embryo transfer
5. Fertilization
6. Second payment
7. Embryo transfer on the 5th day of embryo development
8. Getting the protocol and needed medications
9. HCG blood pregnancy test– positive result
10. Getting the continuation of the protocol
*All the transfers to/ from the airport, clinic as well as accommodation and food supply are organized by our coordinators.

*The International Patient Coordination guarantees the fulfillment of the terms of the contracts. 

* Get a free access to our donor data base! Make the first step on your way to parenthood. Please enter your email below and you will get the link to our database within 24 hours: